Center for European Studies

Call for Papers

1st CefES International Conference on


North-South, East-West, Rural-Urban Economic and Political Divide in Europe

Date & Location


June 10-11, 2019


University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy.

Keynote Speakers

Reint Gropp (Halle Institute for Economic Research)

Philippe Martin (Sciences Po)

Guido Tabellini (Bocconi University)

Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University)

Invited Speakers

José Luis Peydro Alcalde (Pompeu Fabra)

Fabio Franchino (University of Milan)

Simon Hug (University of Geneva)

Marek Jarocinski (ECB)

Thomas König (University of Mannheim)

François Koulischer (Luxembourg School of Finance)

Michele Lenza (ECB)

Tom Georges Schmitz (Bocconi University)

Christina Schneider (UCSD)

Vera Troeger (University of Warwick)

Leonardo Gambacorta (BIS)

Conference Description

The Center for European Studies (CefES-DEMS) promotes research on Europe. The Conference gathers scholars from different fields in Economics and Social Sciences, with the objective of contributing to the empirical and theoretical debate on Europe. The Conference provides a forum of discussion for scholars interested in the European economic, social and political situation, in the evaluation and design of institutions and policies in and for Europe, with a particular focus on North-South, East-West and Rural-Urban Divide in Europe.

Contributed papers may cover topics such as:

  1. Macroeconomic policies
  2. European governance
  3. Productivity, Growth, Convergence
  4. Regulation and financial stability
  5. Economic and political dynamics
  6. Taxation and representation
  7. Migration and trade
  8. Inequality and social exclusion
  9. Climate change and energy policies.
Deadlines and Submissions

Paper submission deadline: April 15

Notification: April 30

Registration open: May 1 to May 10

Conference Contact Information



Registration fees

Senior researchers: 150€

PhD students: 75€